Let’s Pretend This Will Work

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: June 1, 2024
Pages: 349
ISBN13: 978-1662515484


The search for happiness turns a woman’s life upside down in a warm, quirky, and bighearted novel about the joys and chaos of finding love by the bestselling author of Matchmaking for Beginners.

After too many dates, thirtysomething Mimi Perkins is still single, unmoored, and longing for love. So when Ren Yardley―a handsome, divorced fellow drama teacher and single father―falls in love with her and proposes, she’s sure this is at last the good news her psychic predicted.

Soon after proposing, Ren receives the devastating news that his ex-wife has been in a debilitating car accident, prompting him to temporarily move back into his former home to care for her and his daughters. The unfailingly loyal Ren also wants to keep Mimi close, so she packs up her life in New York City and follows him to New Haven, Connecticut. There, she finds a job and unexpected community at a quirky local daycare. But as time goes by, it begins to seem that Ren and his estranged family might be slowly reuniting, and Mimi has to figure out what she’s willing to fight for and what she needs to let go of.

One thing is for sure: she would have never guessed that her psychic was right after all. Life’s twists, turns, and disasters just might lead her to unexpected happiness.

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Readers looking for a story that captures their full attention and doesn't let go will enjoy every page.

“If you’re not reading Maddie Dawson, you’re not laughing, sighing or living right.”
– Ann Garvin USA Today Best-Selling Author of There’s No Coming Back From This

"Maddie Dawson is just plain brilliant. Her books are sunshine and magic, big-hearted and bright, and Let's Pretend This Will Work is the shiniest star of all."
– Rochelle Weinstein, bestselling author of What You Do to Me

“Maddie Dawson writes with so much heart and wisdom that every one of her novels hits a deep part of my soul.”
―Annabel Monaghan, bestselling author of Same Time, Next Summer

"With her signature warmth, wit, and heart, Maddie Dawson offers us a story brimming with quirky, relatable characters."
―Rachel Linden, author of Recipe for a Charmed Life

"Filled with heart, humor, comfort food, and an adorable supporting cast, Let’s Pretend This Will Work is a delight for anyone who has ever been told they needed to be less than exactly who they are."
―Sara Goodman Confino, Bestselling author of Don’t Forget to Write