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About Maddie

Maddie Dawson, a transplanted Southerner living in the Northeast,  is the Washington Post bestselling author of eight novels. She specializes in humorous literary fiction, about people stumbling toward love, family, connection, and hope—and usually finding it in the most unlikely circumstances. Her books have been translated into fifteen languages.

About A Happy Catastrophe

Their love has become a situation.

Matchmaker Marnie and broody Patrick have settled into a life that makes sense to them both, when a surprise from Patrick’s past comes cartwheeling into their lives, wreaking havoc and upending everything they thought they knew about love and family.



Matchmaking for Beginners is “a delightful, light-as-air romance that successfully straddles the line between sweet and smart without ever being silly…The novel is simply captivating from beginning to end.”

—Associated Press

“Infused with the kind of magic so frequently lost as we become adults, this one-of-a-kind novel pushes the boundaries of coincidence and connection by asking us to believe in fate and, possibly, magic once again.”

—RT Book Reviews

“In A Happy Catastrophe, Maddie Dawson works magic on the page as she takes us into the life of big-hearted Marnie MacGraw, a woman who can literally see the sparkle of love in the air.”

—Nancy Starr, bestselling author of Sisters One, Two, Three

“Bighearted, poignant and funny, this book is brimming with charm.”

—Sarah Pekkanen, internationally bestselling author of The Best of Us

"Matchmaking for Beginners is lovely from the inside out."


“Dawson is a generous storyteller, creating characters who are both complex and unexpected while being wholly relatable.” 

—Kirkus Reviews

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