Snap Out of It

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Published by: Lake Union
Release Date: January 3, 2023
Pages: 367
ISBN13: 978-1542039352


A funny, warmhearted novel about falling in love, falling apart, and pulling it all together again by the bestselling author of Matchmaking for Beginners.

After three marriages and a lot of living, resilient Billie Slate knows exactly what trouble love can bring. Now she's reinvented herself as the Heartbreak Bunny, an on-call performance artist who can heal anyone who's been burned by that four-letter word, LOVE, by hopping about and whisking away sad mementos from their past relationships.

Call it magic. Call it peculiar. You might even call it crazy. But Billie's bunny costume is as perfect as her breakup mantra: SNAP OUT OF IT.

As Billie's business goes viral and skyrockets her to sudden fame, her comfortable life turns surreal: her Instagram influencer daughter's marriage begins to fail, and Victor, aka Worst Husband Ever, wants not only to bond with the daughter he left but to win Billie back. Only he's got some competition: a charming widower might be falling in love with a woman who no longer believes in love.

As every romantic notion Billie had pushed away starts pushing back, the Heartbreak Bunny must confront the possibility that, just maybe, love has some tricks left up its sleeve.

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"An utterly charming story that manages to be both light and profound, a clear-eyed, and sometimes laugh-out-loud look at
the complications of grownup love with an important lesson at its heart: healing is always possible when we keep our heart open to the possibilities of love."
- Barbara Davis, bestselling author of The Keeper of Happy Endings

"Dawson is at the top of her game with Snap Out of It, a magical, wise, tender, joyously relatable read."
- Marie Bostwick, New York Times bestselling author of The Restoration of Celia Fairchild

"A laugh-out-loud delight from start to finish!"
-Annabel Monaghan, author of Nora Goes Off Script

"Snap Out of It is the enchanting story of a woman on a mission to ease the pain of the lonely-hearted while dealing with her own lifelong loves and losses. "
-Marilyn Simon Rothstein, author of Crazy to Leave You, Husbands and Other Sharp Objects

"I utterly adored this fast-paced, big-hearted beauty of a book! It's bursting with light and humor and hope, guaranteed to cure your blues or heartbreak or just make your day bright. I wish there was a Billie in everybody's life."
-Barbara O'Neal, USA Today bestselling author of When We Believed in Mermaids

"Filled with heart, healing, laughter, and the complexities of modern families, Snap Out of It is a warm blanket of a novel that will make you believe in love and second chances at any age."
-Sara Goodman Confino, author of She's Up to No Good

"Whimsical, quirky, and a touch magical, there is much to ponder in this captivating story as the Heartbreak Bunny cleans house. With guaranteed laughter and an ending that makes you cheer, this is the perfect story to warm any heart and be reminded it's never too late for a second chance."
-Patricia Sands, bestselling author of the Love in Provence series

"Snap Out of It is a wise, funny, heartfelt novel, filled with complex relationships and whimsical
surprises, a book that leaves you better than it found you. Love it."
-Kerry Anne King,bestselling author of Improbably Yours